The Road From Pain to Love

A poem I wrote thinking about the theme of the inner self at Wirral Mind poetry group – 24/5/17 :



Back then in a bad way
A lot of pain in my mind
Negativity and beliefs I thought were true
Low esteem and confidence
Brought about through the social sphere
Growing up isn’t easy – you hear !

Psychosis was the end result of this pain
Maybe feelings were repressed back then

Confusion came about at that time
Through positivity that didn’t chime
With all the put downs I’d believed

Then leaving university having been unwell
I really wanted to become well

Fortunately, I discovered local Mind and started to educate myself bit by bit.
I slowly realised all the stuff in my head had come from others
Maybe jealousy or insecurity – who can say ?

Slowly, but surely I’ve turned things around
The realisation I’m ok has been profound

Unpicking that negativity to replace with self-love
The possibilities for my life now open up

Friends I never thought I’d make and starting the road to work is now more real

Who can say how life will turn out ?
But now I’m more optimistic – there is no doubt

Published by Beyond Recovery blog

A collection of creativity, artwork and information by Merseysiders on recovery in mental health.

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