The benefits of walking: A personal perspective

Over the last year and a bit since the pandemic first struck, walking has been one of my main activities. I’d argue it has kept me and quite a few others (relatively) sane.  At the height of lockdown in 2020 I would walk with my father and sister for between an hour to an hourContinue reading “The benefits of walking: A personal perspective”

Sport and Mental Health

Sport and Mental Health – Reasons to play sport if you struggle with mental health Admittedly, I cannot say that sport solves all my problems, but playing both a winter sport and a summer sport definitely provides both internal and external benefits that help me with my mental health. Take cricket for example. Although IContinue reading “Sport and Mental Health”

The Tree Searching For The Light

Taking it a bit more easy Not being so hard on myself No-one’s perfect and has life all sussed out Self-compassion is the way forward Learning slowly but surely from experience I prefer the circle to be virtuous rather than a vicious downward spiral. Spotting the problem as it arises in the mind. Then takingContinue reading “The Tree Searching For The Light”

The Positive Impact of Creativity

  ‘What keeps life constantly fascinating is the creativity of the soul’  Deepak Chopra Sometimes, even for people without a mental health condition, the brain can feel overloaded with stress that cannot be calmed even through strenuous physical activity, meditation or countless other purportedly helpful techniques. At times, and I know for certain in myContinue reading “The Positive Impact of Creativity”

There Is Always Hope

When you are despairing, There is always hope, When times are tough whether financially or emotionally, There is always hope, When you feel you’ve had enough and can no longer endure the symptoms of your depression and anxiety, all the shaking, thoughts whirling round and round your head. Not to mention the tummy upsets, ThereContinue reading “There Is Always Hope”