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From personal experience learning about meditation techniques is a very useful thing to do if suffering of some description is taking place within the mind. It’s good to go to a group where there is a teacher/guide who can go through some of the techniques you can employ and also you’ll probably meet like-minded people looking to learn strategies to help themselves.
From experience, it seems that when you meditate this helps you think a little bit less than normal, which is often a good thing, if there are thought processes or beliefs that are causing some form of mental discomfort. It seems that whilst meditating you are more in the present moment rather than thinking about the past or the future eg what am I having for dinner later/why did someone say that to me five years ago. If you are meditating eg watching the breath or reciting a mantra in the mind then (hopefully) you won’t be engaged quite as much with whatever thoughts or beliefs are causing the mental discomfort – kind of like some time out from the mind which can often be all over the place thinking all sorts of things.
A couple of simple strategies I find quite useful are:
Breath mantra – so hum:
On the in breath you think the word ‘so’ and on the out breath you think the word ‘hum’
Mantra – ‘ram’ (from yoga tradtion) or ‘om mani padme hum’ from Buddhist meditation
With both of these mantras it’s a case of repeating the word(s) in the mind – seems that it keeps you in the present moment and that you’re not as engaged with the whole variety of thought processes that are going on.
It’s probably a good idea to spend 10-15 minutes a day (if possible) meditating. It’s very likely the mind will wander but just bring yourself back to the mantra or watching the breath (or whatever strategy you are employing) in a gentle way.
Youtube is a good place to look for some guided meditations and there are different meditation classes all over the country these days. Sometimes there are classes at a local MIND or different community venues. There are many different types of meditation eg Buddhist such as New Kadampa or Zen or philosophies that come from China.
Yoga and Tai Chi are also possible ways of calming the mind, but through gentle exercise
Calming the mind seems to be the main thing I get from meditation – for me I think it’s useful, but of course it’s not for everyone. It’s just a case of give it a try and hopefully it will be of benefit in calming the mind and central nervous system for those that try it.



If you’d like then watch, follow and enjoy these simple and easy to follow meditations:





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