Top Ten Feel Good Tracks

from Bill Ryder-Jones

Talented local, Wirral musician and former member of successful, acclaimed band, ‘The Coral’, Bill Ryder-Jones has put together a small but lovely and relaxing playlist for us, here it is:-

  1. Pavement – Gold Soundz. I love this track. It just has a really upbeat summer feel but the lyrics are brilliant.
  2. Gorkys Zygotic Mynci- Patio Song. My favourite band and it has the opening line of ‘ah isn’t it a lovely day? Oh my patio’s on fire’.
  3. The Bats – Free all the monsters. I love this song, it’s just quite charming. The whole album is really lovely actually.
  4. Kings of Convenience – Cayman Islands. This song is so wonderful, sounds like someone reminiscing and that’s normally when I’m at my happiest.
  5. Super Furry Animals – Fuzzy Birds. This song is about Gruff’s pet hamster so…
  6. The Heptones- Make Up Your Mind. This just reminds me of a great summer I had years ago. Can’t really explain it.
  7. Lee Scratch Perry – Goldie Locks. Ah, this is such a lovely song. Lee Perry’s voice whilst he tells a girl that it’s ok that she can’t be with him is so so sweet.
  8. Dionne Warwick – Reach out for me. This has been one of my favourite songs for years and years. I listen to it every day and it still has magic in it for me.
  9. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows. What I love about this song is its sentiment. It’s a very truthful song about love and how it doesn’t always work out the way you planned. Very good for heartache.
  10. Michael Head and The Strands – Something Like You. Again, this is here simply for its beauty. Beauty is always what pulls me back from the dark.

Thanks Bill!  Much appreciated – great recommendations.

We’ve also included on this page some (maybe more melancholy) favourites of our own we like to turn to again and again. See what you think!

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