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Available Courses (Mainly Online – Some we have taken)

A good course put together by Ron Unger:



A free online University of Liverpool course put together by Professor Peter Kinderman on the psychology of mental health:



There is a British magazine based in London called ‘The Idler’ which comes out in print copy with various well-known and eminent contributing writers who cover all manner of topics based around the theme of spending less time working and more time improving yourself at leisure through reflection, contemplation and culture.  It’s a lovely idea.  Anyway this magazine has a website – – this website has lots of great content including an online academy from where you can purchase home study courses on various subjects.  The course we can recommend was a set of video clips comprising short lectures (each less than an hour) put together by Dr Robin Carhart-Harris who is at the cutting edge of University research in the field of the therapeutic use of psychedelics.  The course at full was, for all seven video clips, £42 and it was very informative, easy to follow, a simple introduction to the subject but one which taught a great deal and was enthralling and though-provoking.  Without giving anything away what can be gleaned from taking this course is the amount that can be and has been learned about the way the brain and mind work from studying both the biological and psychological effects of taking psychedelics.  Indeed the biological and psychological seem to overlap and mirror each other importantly.



Research Study Information and Calls for Participation

KCL cope study pic

There is at present a study that is recruiting participants.  King’s College London University in the UK is running a COPE survey.  COPE stands for ‘Coronavirus Outbreak Psychological Experiences’.  The study is being conducted by the Psychology Department and is aiming to compare people with different backgrounds ways they have handled living through the time of this Covid-19 pandemic.  Anyone interested is required to fill in some questionnaires.  To find out more you can email or to take part then you can do so via this link


The University has also produced and provided an introductory short video clip that can hopefully be found via the following link and it aims to explain the purpose of the research namely to inform and act as a driver to ideas on the mental health impact coronavirus spreading has had and maybe even influence UK government mental health policy



Poster for HD and OCD



Will Hall has done some great research at the University of Maastricht on withdrawal effects from stopping antipsychotic medication on the back of a large survey.  The details of this work can be found at:


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