Useful Websites / Further Online Information and Resources

Here is a  list of useful websites for those looking to learn more about mental health:-

Local to us in Merseyside, UK (Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton, a charity dedicated to protecting and promoting the wellbeing of people aged 50+) (Wirral-based trainers for mental health first aid) (Community Foundation for Merseyside is an independent charity that aims to promote donating to address local need) (A Liverpool anti-stigma mental health charity) (A Liverpool-based inclusive creative arts project) (St. Helen’s arts and health service for people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression) (Wirral group The Cultural Diversity Network) (Wirral Education for Wellbeing NHS Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Recovery College) (The Martin Gallier Project is a suicide-prevention project for the North West of England) (Independent consumer champion aiming to gather and represent the views of the Liverpool users of NHS and social care services) (Independent consumer champion aiming to gather and represent the views of the Wirral users of NHS and social care services) (A charity dedicated to helping people with health issues live their lives as independently as possible) (Inclusion Matters is an organisation offering talking therapy services in Wirral) (A centre in Liverpool dedicated to male suicide prevention) (Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services) (A charity that focuses on serving the communities of the Liverpool city region and North Wales) (Mental health resource service primarily for Liverpool 8’s black and minority ethnic community but also the wider Merseyside region) (Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre) (Merseyside-based organisation promoting men’s mental health) (Wirral-based music and mental health organisation) (Moving on with Life & Learning is a Liverpool organisation promoting social inclusion) (Merseyside Youth Association) (N-Compass North West is a local not-for-profit organisation for vulnerable people with services such as advocacy, counselling, etc.) (Local Community Interest Company aiming to introduce people to animals for companionship and to interact therapeutically) (Person Shaped Support operates in different UK regions including Liverpool) (Sole Survivor is a Wirral-based support group for people with PTSD) (Male mental health support in Sefton) (South Liverpool Domestic Abuse Services) (Local, St. Helen’s community signposting and resources information) (A free, NHS service offering psychological therapies to adults in Liverpool who are feeling depressed or anxious) (A directory of local care and support services, information and activities for the Liverpool city region) (A Merseyside-based online resource from a project that aims to destigmatise mental health and runs local youth workshops) (A Wirral drop-in mental health creativity charity and centre in Birkenhead)

http://www.upbeatliverpool (A project run by Liverpool’s PSS wellbeing centres) (A support service based in Bootle for young women) (A Liverpool Kindred Minds and PSS ‘blog yourself well’ project) (A local Liverpool charity called Women’s Health Information and Support Centre) (Homeless and housing charity for the Liverpool region) (An online directory for local, Wirral services) (A local mental health self-help support group) (Local, Wirral, free magazine with content around wellness) (Liverpool literature festival) (Young person’s charity in Liverpool) (Liverpool young person’s advisory service)

National Website List (UK) (A movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society) (Action on Addiction is a charity that provides residential and day treatment for addictions mainly to drugs, alcohol and gambling) (Organisation that puts on events in the UK for everyone interested in the current debates around mental health) (The Association of Mental Health Providers) (A UK charity with helplines, groups and information to help people combat anxiety) (Asylum Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry – a platform to voice and discuss all perspectives on mental health) (UK London and Edinburgh located therapy organisation with a specific approach based on compassionate healing) (A valuable resource for information around benzodiazepine withdrawal and addiction) (The national charity dedicated to supporting individuals with bipolar, their families and carers) (The British Psychological Society) (The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine) (UK website and helpline with advice, help and information on bullying) (The Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry) (UK’s leading charity for military veterans’ mental health) (The Compassionate Mind Foundation) (Resources including educational video clips and peer support Skype chats for voice hearers and others with unusual experiences) (The Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat is a national agreement between services and agencies involved with people in crisis) (The Critical Psychiatry Network) (The depression alliance website has lots of information of course about depression but also a range of things such as mental health treatments) (Helps people find volunteering opportunities) (A charity that runs regular meetings in cafes across the UK for people coping with stress and emotional needs) (If you are in the UK text ‘SHOUT’ to 85258 for a 24/7 crisis support text messaging service) (Mental health education and information) (UK wide online tool for searching for local mental health support services) (Integrative Healthcare and Applied Nutrition UK Summit) (ISPS UK is the British network of the international organisation ISPS – The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis)

http://www.letstalkwithdrawal (A UK-based but international in scope website aiming to raise awareness of dependence on psychiatric drugs) (A company that offers genotype analysis from a DNA sample for health guidance and advice) (The UK affiliate website for Mad In America) (The Mental Health Foundation are the organisers of Mental Health Awareness Week each May and they have a vision of good mental health for all) (UK-wide charity giving mental health advice and support) (A UK-centered website that gives practical advice on topics around mental health e.g. applying for benefits) (Local mental health walking groups) (UK mental health charity) (A blog, news and articles on positivity in mental wellbeing from residents of the Glasgow region) (The National Institute of Mental Health) (National Self-Harm Network) (The national charity focusing on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) (Open Dialogue UK was established to support the development of the Open Dialogue approach within the UK and internationally) (A group that promotes the use of the Open Dialogue model of services for the NHS) (Online and face-to-face psychology service) (Suicide prevention organisation with a helpline) (One of Scotland’s largest mental health charities) (The UK’s Patient Information Forum) (UK suicide prevention website for an organisation called Grassroots who provide services such as a useful mobile phone app) (Private and NHS, British, rehab clinics with a variety of inpatient facilities locations) (Psychologists For Social Change) (Psychology In Action is a group of specialised, highly experienced psychologists in the UK) (Rethink Mental Illness – UK charity) (Richmond Fellowship is part of a national group of charities called Recovery Focus and supports people in a variety of ways) (A UK and worldwide book publishers from whose website the ISPS book publications back catalogue can be ordered) (Round the clock support line) (London-based group with a mission to change perspectives on mental health for the better using a variety of means) (Charity SANE is a leading UK mental health charity with a website, helpline, social media presence and that runs campaigns, provides support, etc.) (The Scottish Recovery Network is hosted by the charity Penumbra and focuses on peer support, community and especially recovery) (UK-wide network for home sharing and live in support whereby people with spare rooms and more vulnerable community members link up) (A Manchester-based campaign dedicated to helping those affected by suicide and suicide ideation) (The Spiritual Crisis Network acts as a resource for people with an interest in recovery from spiritual crisis) (Charity that uses sport to promote positive mental health) (A UK student mental health charity) (A website by students for students with mental health information and signposting) (The Campaign Against Living Miserably is a UK charity dedicated to preventing male suicide) (A British organisation that provides essential support for the under 25s via a helpline, webchat, information and guidance, etc.) (UK based mental health focused film production company) (Social movement run by UK charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness that aims to end mental health discrimination) (National charity providing financial support and information with help such as benefits entitlement advice) (Signposting and information for voice hearers offering options for recovery) (London-based but UK-wide project supporting children and young people who hear voices, see visions and with more unusual beliefs) (NCVO champions the voluntary sector, helping volunteers and voluntary organisations) (Walking For Health offers free, short walks every week) (Therapist directory for use in finding a counsellor) (UK charity committed to improving the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people)

International or Overseas List (US rehab and addiction company whose site includes info on substance abuse in the UK including drugs such as benzos and prescription meds) (The Alliance for Human Research Protection) (The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine) (Large, valuable, online resource focused on non-drug approaches for mental health) (The Amen clinic in USA founded by Daniel Amen who promote good brain health which they measure using SPECT brain blood flow imaging scans) (Sean Blackwell’s dedicated website; he is an author and healer who holds retreats where he uses e.g. therapeutic breathwork techniques) (A holistic wellness Institute in the USA founded and run by Dr Cady) (Conscious Discipline is a learning programme designed by Dr Becky Bailey that delivers trauma informed social and emotional learning) (Information about depth hypnosis) (A website showing where to find a local depth hypnosis practitioner) (The Institute for Dialogic Practice is a facility that provides training in dialogic practice and Open Dialogue) (An American drug rehab company who treat all types of addiction with a variety of methods including education, inpatient and a support line) (New York’s The East Side Institute promotes change, social therapy, education, research and community-building) (An American, spiritual, wisdom school) (Emerging Proud is a campaign aiming to reframe ideas around madness toward seeing it as a difficult journey to develop wisdom and grow) (Dr Peter Breggin’s Centre for the Study of Empathic Therapy, Education and Living) (European Network for [ex]-Users and Survivors of Psychiatry) (The Institute for Functional Medicine promotes and facilitates functional medicine which seeks to address root causes of illness) (Articles, links and ideas focused mainly around natural, therapeutic alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine and other health information) (A website for and about highly sensitive people with resources, books and information centred on research by Dr Elaine Aron) (The International College of Integrative Medicine) (The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal) (Integrative Medicine for Mental Health supports a whole body approach to mental health disorders) (A provider of peer support training) (The caucus on complementary, alternative and integrative medicine is a special interest group of the American Psychiatric Association) (The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis) (Advice and strategies from author Dmitriy Gutkovich on voice-hearing) (American grassroots community organisation website featuring a blog, story-telling, resources, a shop and more besides) (Mad In America has created a platform for rethinking psychiatric care.  It focuses on science, psychiatry and social justice.  It was founded by Pulitzer prize winning journalist and author, Robert Whitaker) (A website with video clips on the theme of the sprawl of American psychiatry) (US-based Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care which aims to bring philanthropy to fund recovery-based research and programs) (Jesse Zook Mann is an American documentary filmmaker and this is the website for his non-profit media platform for education and treatments) (Wellness Recovery Action Plan – WRAP – main resource site) (Reviews of books that are primarily based on the theme of psychology) (Mental Health Europe works with European institutions and international bodies to promote mental wellbeing and advocate for rights and interests) (MiNDbank is a UN WHO resource providing links to local level policies, strategies, laws and service standards for mental health and related areas) (MindFreedom International is a non-profit organisation set up to secure human rights in the mental health system) (An American couple who treat different disorders especially psychiatric conditions holistically and with testing and nutritional support) (American campaign group set up to end abuses in psychiatry) (A compassionate online community and forum) (The ‘New Scientist’ print magazine’s website has some good articles on mental health news and studies) (ONWARD Mental Health provides integrative mental health insight with a holistic approach and non-drug options for treatment) (A peer support and training group spread across various countries) (Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry) (PIMsPlus is a set of evidence-based guidelines on potentially inappropriate medications or PIMs for older adults) (The National Empowerment Center in America aims to overhaul the mental health service to make it more recovery-focused via different means) (A very popular and useful website that covers the whole range of mental health disorders, research, news and therapies) (International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry) (The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights is a non-profit law firm in America campaigning against the abuses of the mental health system) (A website with lots of information mainly around acceptance and committment therapy or ACT) (DHA laboratory specialises in identifying the root cause of clinical symptoms) (A website from Ron Unger that mainly takes psychological approaches and ideas as to how to recover from psychosis) (Dr Paris Williams’ website that pools resources and insights from articles, books, videos, etc that primarily explore the psychotic experience) (RosGlas Recovery is a private, inpatient, luxury, Irish rehab clinic which treats psychological and addiction issues) (RxISK aims to educate patients around drug side effects and as such empower them as well as collecting data on the harmful effects of prescription drugs) (A drug index resource with information on medicines) (An American site with lots of content around spirituality) (A health writing cooperative who publish several expose books on pharmaceutical practices) (The International Spiritual Emergence Network) (A website that recounts the story around the marketing and release of an antidepressant drug) (Peer support forums on the subject of tapering and withdrawal from antidepressants) (Online counselling) (A Dutch website set up to inform about and supply doses of psychiatric meds with the aim of gradually lowering people’s intake and so reliance) (A book on how to eat better and supplement the diet for good mental health) (A website dedicated to challenging psychiatry’s dominance in the field of mental health in the West and proposing an alternative vision) (A US support network and education project.  A collective advancing social justice by fostering mutual aid practices to promote healing) (This initiative provides guidance around alternative choices to those available in the current mental health system) (A global organisation helping people to lead more fulfilled lives with shops, courses, events, online content) (The website for an account of one man’s battle with Big Pharma to release suppressed data where you can buy a book on the subject too) (The website for the official, global event that is World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day, every July 11th) (UN World Health Organization Quality Rights initiative website which aims to reform services and promote rights) (A project aimed at helping people taper their mental health medication)

Other Blogs and Individuals’ Personal Websites (Rachel Waddingham is an ex-service user who now trains people to cope with their mental health challenges and is also e.g. Vice Chair of ISPS UK) or (Award-winning blog by American Monica Cassani on subjects such as drug withdrawal, the mental health system and alternatives to psychiatric meds) (Dr Peter Breggin is known as the ‘conscience of psychiatry’, as a writer, advocate, activist, therapist and campaigner opposed to toxic psychiatric meds) (The personal website of Chaya Grossberg who focuses on psychiatric drug withdrawal and nutritional and creative alternatives to medication) (Christa is a writer and therapist in the UK who has been taught by traditional shamen and uses shamanic healing practices) (Chris Cole is a writer, he produces a podcast and is a life coach specialising in bipolar who has had his own experience of mental health challenges) (Professor David Healy is a psychiatrist, author, scientist, psychopharmacologist as well as the founder and CEO of Data Based Medicine Ltd) (Dr Lynch is an Irish author, therapist and psychiatrist with blogs, videos and an academy to educate everyone on the nature of mental health) (A practising doctor and author who is a great advocate of the ketogenic diet and makes great, explanatory YouTube videos) (Dr J Glenmullen is Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of books on the side effects of psychiatric medications) (An American psychologist and author who specialises in spirituality and health) (Journalist and writer with an interest in and experience of mental health problems) (Eric Maisel is an author and psychologist) (The personal blog of American psychiatrist Emily Deans who is interested in diet, mental health and our evolutionary adaptations) (American psychology professor and author) (Jacks McNamara is an American peer counsellor, artist and co-founder of The Icarus Project) (Hilary Jacobs Hendel is an American psychotherapist and author who is interested in emotional wellbeing) (Jacqui Dillon is a writer, activist, psychologist and national Chair of the Hearing Voices Network in England) (Author and psychiatrist critical of the current overuse and overreliance on dangerous psychiatric drugs) (Fashionable and controversial psychologist, professor and self-help author Jordan B Peterson) (Kelly Brogan is an American holistic women’s health psychiatrist and author) (Wouter Kusters is a Dutch author on the experience of psychosis) (A retired psychiatrist who has written a memoir about her battle with depression) (A Danish blogger who offers her thoughts on mental health, recovery, voice hearing, creativity, sensitivity and who trains in these areas too) (Positive affirmations for mental well-being) (Malidoma Some is an author and teacher from Africa resident in the West who is an expert in ancient wisdom and shamanic practices) (The personal blog of the American author, activist, musician, teacher and social worker, Sascha Altman duBrul) (Touring musician with a show that features prominently songs on the theme of how men deal with mental health) (This is Michael Cornwall’s blog, he is an American psychotherapist who treats people in psychotic states medication-free) (A nutritionist from New Zealand with good ideas about eating healthily) (Dr Noel Hunter is a clinical psychologist in New York who specialises in and is a published author on trauma, dissociation and psychosis) (Joint blog of Rufus May, the psychologist with experince of voice hearing and Elisabeth Svanholmer of the ‘Living Life Gently’ blog) (The author Patrick Holford has on this his personal website lots of information and resources on nutrition and health) (A practising clinician with a focus on integrative medicine, a certified Functional Medicine practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine) (This blog mainly focuses on Buddhist teachings and paths through madness to explain the meaning in psychosis and mental ill health) (Psychiatrist and author) (An American psychotherapist and author who has navigated previous personal diagnoses of mental illness) (Celebrity comedienne with a history of mainly depression and as such campaigns, organises and educates to improve mental health and awareness of it) (Rufus May is a respected British psychologist who has overcome his own experience of psychosis and psychiatric labelling and treatment) (Student and teacher of non-duality, he is a religious thinker on matters of consciousness and the nature of experience) (Beyond Recovery friend, long-time collaborator and contributor Dom’s personal blog) (Will Hall is an author, counsellor, facilitator and advocate featured in the ‘CrazyWise’ documentary and trained in Open Dialogue who has overcome trauma)

Film sites (A documentary film called ‘Crazy’ about life stuck in the American mental health system) (Documentary film called ‘Crazywise’ contrasting the Western medical approach to madness with the attitude of indigenous communities with shamen) (The story of profit-driven psychiatry, it’s background and effects, focusing especially on the weapon of choice namely prescribed drugs) (A documentary exposing the US government’s classified experimentation on unwitting participant’s minds mainly in the Cold War era)

Radio Websites and Podcasts  (The website page for BBC Radio 4’s mental health programme called ‘All In The Mind’ presented by Claudia Hammond) (Bryony Gordon, a journalist from the UK national broadsheet newspaper, The Telegraph, hosts a regular mental health podcast) (The podcast section of Chris Cole’s website where Chris interviews different people in the mental health field) (This is Dr Laurie Santos’ podcast webpage and she is a Yale professor with expertise in psychology and interest in research and ideas on happiness) (An online radio station that tackles topics around madness and is affiliated to ‘Mad in America’) (The Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin is a podcast of interviews exploring mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking) (City Talk is a radio station local to us in Merseyside that has a mental health themed show Mondays)

Food / Nutrition and Alternative Therapy Website List (The American Holistic Health Association) (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) (A website that stresses the importance of nutrition especially vis-à-vis health) (Food and Behaviour – FAB – research charitable organisation website that looks into links between nutrition and human behaviour) (A UK-based charitable foundation with a clinic too, they promote optimum nutrition in mental health) (Another company from Alberta in Canada that manufactures a macronutrient formula dietary supplement) (The Institute for Optimum Nutrition) (The UK’s natural therapies website, this is an online directory of practitioners and therapists with resources and information too) (The National Institute of Medical Herbalists) (Health and nutrition information with advice, videos, podcasts and books) (Orthomolecular medicine is therapeutic nutrition based on biochemical individuality) (Truehope is a company that sells products and gives advice to treat mental health disorders nutritionally and with their vitamin / mineral formula) (Dr William Walsh is an author who researches biochemical approaches to treating mental health disorders through nutrition)


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